Canon MX492 Driver Chromebook

Canon mx492 Driver Chromebook – Everyone who has a printer has had to deal with printer drivers at some point. These are essential parts of a printer which are often underlooked but are just as important software. Since computers and printers have to work together, they have to communicate and since they are different types of devices.

Canon mx492 Driver Chromebook

Canon has been known to produce some of the best digital products and printers are no different. However, the hardware component will require the perfect software in the form of a driver to function at an optimum level.

Some of common problem asked by the owner of Canon MX492 Printer are how to Connect Pixma MX492 to Chromebook because Canon did not have a driver or software for Chromebook. if you are one of Chromebook user and need to connect your Canon Pixma MX492 Printer please follow the step below.

This information is originally taken from Canon Support Forum, as one of the member share their experienced.

  1. Download canon print app on your smart phone.
  2. Hook printer to your wi-fi using the app (its in the paper instructions.
  3. Print network test page by holding going to screwdriver icon on printer then through the menus.
  4. Go to IP of printer in web browser on Chromebook.
  5. Login with username ADMIN and password canon
  6. Select Cloud print on left column and register printer to your gmail.
  7. When you print for first time it defaults to PDF change it to MX492.



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