Canon MX492 Driver Download

Everyone who has a printer has had to deal with printer drivers at some point. These are essential parts of a printer which are often underlooked but are just as important software. Since computers and printers have to work together, they have to communicate and since they are different types of devices.

Establishing such communication can be difficult. This is where drivers come in. They help printers to detect the type of computer being used and at the same time allow computers to detect the printers in use. This, in turn, ensures a reliable connection and smooth operation between the two. Printer Drivers are also responsible for the converting of documents which are supposed to be printed into a form that can be understood by the printer.

Canon MX492 Driver Download for Windows and Mac
Canon MX492 Printer

Why you need to keep the driver up to Date?

Since drivers are mandatory in the functionality of printers and computers, it’s important to keep updating them regularly. As technology continues to advance, you need to stay updated in order to enjoy everything they have to offer. Computer operating systems and other applications also keep changing. These need appropriate drivers to help them run smoothly. As such, drivers also need to be updated. In case a driver isn’t updated, it can cause failures during use. The devices may fail to recognize each other which will prohibit smooth operations. This can lead to error messages when you try to print and your printer going offline and refusing to print.

How to Download and The Driver for Canon Printer.

Downloading Canon MX492 Driver is easy even if it is done for the first time.

Start by visiting the official website for Canon MX492 Driver then navigate to the download page. The interface of this site is some making it easier to locate where to download. Once you find the product you need, you can click the driver package. You can also use the model number of the driver to make the search easier. The next step is verifying whether the driver is compatible with the operating system you have currently. The final step is clicking download then proceed to follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

Alternative, you can use a third party app to make the download process easier through updates. Such apps usually have the ability to detect the driver version making it easier for you to find a mat hung product without much hustle. In most cases, they will update all the drivers available in your computer but you can also specify individual ones you need.

How to Install Canon Printer Driver for Windows

The installation process is usually easy since you only have to press “next” as you continue. Once you have completed Canon MX492 Driver Download successfully, you have to click the file the finish installing by following the prompts which mostly require you to click “next”.

MX490 series (PDF) User Manual (Mac)


MX490 series (PDF) User Manual (Windows)


MX490 series Getting Started Guide


Canon has been known to produce some of the best digital products and printers are no different. However, the hardware component will require the perfect software in the form of a driver to function at an optimum level. These drivers are available online and are easy to download, update and install. In case of any problems, the official website has a support team that will guide you through the entire process.

Download Canon MX492 Driver

MX490 series Full Driver & Software Package (Windows). This is an online installation software to help you to perform initial setup of your product on a PC (either USB connection or network connection) and to install various software


MX490 series XPS Printer Driver Ver. 5.85 (Windows)


MX490 series MP Drivers Ver. 1.02 (Windows). (Standard) This is a driver that will provide full functionality for your selected model. It also allows you to set-up your printer for printing and scanning wirelessly. For an enhanced user experience we also recommend installing My Image Garden software. A version of this standard driver will have been included on the CD provided with your original product



Canon Pixma MX492 Printer Reviews

The Pixma MX492 is really a lightweight device. Therefore the package is not large or weighty. Unpacking, you will received the MFP, powers and telephone cords, an set up Compact disc which contains print and scan drivers and Canon’s Fast Food selection software, the My Image Garden utility for coming in contact with up pictures, dark and tri-color printer ink cartridges, along with a fast start poster.

Pixma MX492  Printer Design and Features

A lightweight dark rectangle is calculating 17.2 × 11.7 × 7.5 in. And evaluating only 13 lbs, the Pixma MX492 provides no-frills publishing, scanning, copying, and faxing. A foldable auto record feeder (ADF) keeps 20 bedding, and such as the printer part of the device, will not duplex scan. The top of the MX492 is easy-to-open, so when raised reveals the window scan platen.

Include a two-collection monochrome Liquid crystal display and membrane layer contact control keys that offer a numeric keyboard, monochrome and color start control keys, control keys for starting a scan or duplicate, resources switch, and remaining, correct, and house control keys for food selection menu. You do not obtain a color Liquid crystal display or touch screen for the 100 dollars, but that is most likely alright.

Additionally you do not get hard wired Ethernet, however, you can continue to link the MFP to some system utilizing Wi-Fi or straight to a PC or Mac through Universal serial bus, obviously. Cloud-dependent publishing utilizing AirPrint, Search engines Print, and Canon’s very own Pixma Print Solutions can be found, as is also a scan towards the cloud function in case your system has Access to the internet.

Both enter and productivity papers containers can be found once the front side board is drawn lower. The enter holder is situated towards the bottom from the printer and may last to 100 bedding of notice or lawful dimension papers in addition to adapt to smaller sized dimensions of papers or picture papers and envelopes.

The productivity holder is situated over the enter holder and reaches capture the published productivity. Immediately previously mentioned this can be a doorway which is easy-to-open lower and opens up to show the print brain provider, in which you place the dark and tri-colour printer ink cartridges.

Performance and How to Set Up

Set up nowadays is an easy case of getting rid of packaging materials, setting up printer ink cartridges and software, and informing the set up program how you would like to link the device. The MX492 utilizes only two printer ink cartridges-a dark ink cartridge, along with a tri-colour ink cartridge with cyan, magenta, and yellowish ink. This method helps to keep the production expenses lower, but significantly raises the operating expenses because when among the colours within the tri-colour ink cartridge expires, you have to change the ink cartridge even when the other two colours continue to have readily available printer ink.

Canon was among the first inkjet printer suppliers to provide person ink in the BJ-600 printer greater than 10 ago, so viewing the come back from the tri-colour ink cartridge is frustrating. We experienced a small little bit of problems obtaining the toner cartridges properly set up. They need to be placed in a position then clicked on up-wards into place. This had taken us a number of attempts prior to we received it correct.

Following that, the software set up gone fast and easy. The set up food selection provides you with a selection of which resources you desire set up, such as Canon’s Fast Food selection and My Image Garden. Canon also provides another innovative/projects utility, Canon Innovative Recreation area High quality, although this needs to be acquired-it is not provided around the set up Compact disc.

We set up the MFP utilizing Universal serial bus, but Wi-Fi set up is straightforward, particularly if you possess a WPS-empowered router, because it is only a matter of driving a control button around the router and allowing the MFP and router discover one another and set. As soon as attached to your system, and presuming the system has Access to the internet, the printer may be used with some of the marketing choices we outlined previously.

Canon prices the print velocity from the Pixma MX492 as 8.8 pictures-for each-moment (ipm, the typical Canon utilizes) in dark and 4.4ipm colored. Our screening, which utilizes the 4-web page ISO Term record, yielded around 8ipm more than a number of operates. This record set up is mainly dark textual content having a little colour logo design on each one of the 4 webpages. Automated duplex publishing (publishing for both edges of the web page) will not be readily available. In the event you check out two-sided publishing around the print driver, the MFP designs the very best part of every web page, then directs you to definitely turn the stack more than and reinsert the designs in to the enter papers holder to print another part.

Image high quality was great, however, not ideal. We created designs of our own check pictures on regular duplicate papers, Hammermill High-quality Inkjet and Laser beam Papers, and Canon’s Picture Papers Additionally Semi-Gloss. As is also typical with inkjet-dependent computer printers, the designs created on regular papers (the duplicate papers and Hammermill) had been significantly below-soaked because of printer ink wicking into the papers. The designs made out of the picture papers had been far better. The shades had been precise, but somewhat deeper compared to those within the guide designs. For publishing college reviews and so on, print high quality is extremely a lot appropriate.

We analyzed the duplicate and scan features. Copying, as is also typical using this type of device, is much more comfort when compared to a real utility, and greatest just for really periodic use, although the 20-web page ADF is great if you have multipage paperwork to duplicate or scan. Just like publishing, there is absolutely no duplexing with copying or scanning.

Just like most computer printers and MFPs nowadays, printer ink cartridges are available in regular and better-produce designs. The Dark printer ink is really a pigment, instead of coloring, which provides much deeper blacks. The typical PG-245 ink cartridge CL-246 tri-colour ink cartridge every generates about 180 webpages as the PG-245XL, and CL-246XL toner cartridges have in regards to a 300-web page produce. The PG-246 ink cartridge expenses about $17, as the greater-produce PG-256XL expenses roughly $26. The tri-colour toner cartridges cost at about $22 for your regular produce and $31 for your higher-produce ink cartridge.

Pixma MX492  Summary

The Pixma MX492 does not provide a lot past its fundamental 4 features-print, scan, duplicate, and fax. However, additionally, it does not price a left arm along with a lower leg. It features a little footprint and may effortlessly are living around the work desk in which you function, in the event, you keep your productivity holder unextended when not being used. But do your very best to help keep the printer out achieve of interested preschoolers-the productivity papers holder particularly seems lightweight and may not endure the weighty-given machinations of the younger kid. Honestly, neither of the two papers holder appears like it can fully stand up properly below weighty use.

Unsuitability for weighty publishing is underscored from the reduced web page produces from the regular (180 webpages) and XL (300 webpages) printer ink cartridges. Obviously, this more affordable device will not complement the HP Officejet Professional 8620’s 1,000-web page dark productivity, but we’d want to see figures that will get nearer – you are going to as well if you purchase a single. Include in the truth that the MX492 utilizes a tri-colour ink cartridge as opposed to the person toner cartridges for every printer ink colour and you will start to obtain discouraged. Needing to change the tri-colour ink cartridge when a single color expires is inefficient and dear.

Eventually, we are not very certain of the viewers that Canon is focusing on using the Pixma MX492. It could most likely be ideal for a short-term alternative to a far more costly printer or MFP had you been in the center of a task and brief on money. Or experienced a home based business and sent papers statements or estimations with an periodic schedule.

Canon’s My Image Garden and inventive Recreation area High quality offer lots of art jobs and concepts. However for most use at home past publishing an intermittent picture, notice, or college document, any genuine significant utilization of the MX492 will deplete these printer ink tanks for a price that can make you want you needed sprung for any more costly 4-container design rather.